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A Tale On Bird Imageries for Business

February 10, 2021by Nene Okeke0

Wondering what “A Tale On Bird Imageries for Business”, is all about? Ever given thought to the essence of bird imageries on some logos? Ever wondered about the message these images bear? Are you interested in finding out where it’s coming from and headed? If you’re like me, then the answer to all these should be a Yes. Having learnt a bit about these birdy representations, I’m thrilled to tell this tale on bird imageries.

What’s your take on birds generally? Besides being superstitious and all of that, really what comes to your mind when you encounter birds, whether physically, graphically or in dreams? Well in my case, depending on which bird it is, the thoughts I get include free spirit, daring, pride, independence etc. Funny too, there’s a tinge of jealousy and envy on the lifestyle sometimes, if not most times. It’s no news that for real people attribute different qualities or meaning to these free-living creatures and live influenced by them.

That brings us back to business. Due to the attributes ascribed to birds, they are quite useful in visuals, art and branding. Several writers, designers etc utilise them big time in their projects and spur great results. Let’s hear the message they aim at passing by doing so, shall we?

Generally, all birds signify freedom. Why? because of their ability to roam the world freely without worries. Each bird then has individual characteristics or rather symbolism based on its kind and personality. Some of them depict positive qualities while some don’t. Again, some could be viewed as good by a certain group of people and bad by a different group/race. Let’s have a look at a few instances;


  1. The Eagle

This bird has a lot of notable qualities on it. It symbolises freedom, independence, victory, power, courage, prosperity, truth, wisdom and strength. I like to include too of my own accord, nobility. American Indians even treat the eagle and all relating to it with the utmost respect on the claim/note that it is a sacred creature. I haven’t heard and even I doubt there’s any group that sees the eagle from a negative perspective.


  1. The Raven

Based on their nature as scavengers and their black colour, some people have a negative feeling about it. They feel it symbolises death and sickness when viewed as a bad omen. For those who see it as a good omen, it represents good communication, guidance and wisdom. Ancient Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Japanese and some African cultures are included in the group that ascribe wisdom, guidance, messenger and light to this bird, notwithstanding its colour. Continue ready to learn more on this article “A Tale On Bird Imageries for Business”.


  1. The Crane

This is another bird with quite positive attributes on it. In Asian cultures, it symbolises health, hope, happiness and good fortune. In Japanese, it’s a good luck charm if you manage to fold 1000 paper cranes. On a general note, they stand for rebirth and healing. In ancient China it’s longevity. It was also worn by high ranking civil officials because of its high flying nature. In ancient Egypt even, it was worshipped and considered a god.


  1. The Cuckoo

Take your mind back to the Cuckoo clock. That’s the best picture to portray this bird, or so I feel. It could signify good or bad. It could be said to come as a warning against imminent bad, but affords you the time to counter it by changing your actions. When it’s heard from the left side, it spells doom and from the right, good fortune. Total superstition right? I agree with you. I’m just passing certain people’s thought on it.



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  1. The Owl

You’ve seen this bird represented in scholarly communities right? It symbolises intelligence, wisdom, knowledge. In addition to that, we remember it’s naturally a nocturnal animal. This gives it an edge in night ventures with heightened senses and skills. It is still perceived bad by some people to signify destruction, evil, death and the likes of it. HOp.e you are getting the portrait am painting on this article: A Tale On Bird Imageries for Business

  1. The small bird

This is not specie specific, it just includes all those birds which can fall under the umbrella including bluebirds, hummingbirds, blackbird, doves etc. They have similar characters including the pictorial representation of them all. They’re chatterboxes unlike others like the eagle. They can be described as playful, communicative and relational with humans. They also signify flexibility, joy, hope, awakening, future happiness, hard work, modesty, innocence, peace and a reminder to indulge in nature. They seem to be generally viewed on a positive note.

The list goes on and on, practically endless if you ask me. We could go on delving into the personalities of all the birds we can think of and might not exhaust the list. The major point to take from here is that these creatures have a lot of symbolism attached to their existence by we humans. We in turn take some actions and decisions based on these symbolisms as they relate.

Relating to business, these birds are utilised in branding to depict and relate their seemingly generally accepted attributes to our firms. It enhances the ability of brands, logos precisely, to speak to the audience. When you are able to connect the significance of the bird portrayed to the business, it’s much easier to know what they’re about. You’ll then find out that certain imageries are thriving more in the business world than others. This is based on their significance and shrewdness in representing businesses. See our article, Thriving Bird Imageries in Business Branding. Of course, I’d be thrilled to hear your thoughts and opinions on bird imageries and symbolism. The comment section is at your disposal.



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