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Crowdsourcing and Freelance Lifestyle

February 9, 2021by Nene Okeke0

The crowdsourcing and freelance lifestyle, if you’d agree with me, have become trends in the business world. Several people run several jobs by freelancing. They are that way, independent or so it seems.

As a freelancer, you just need to set up your profile then be on the lookout for opportunities that suit your skills and disposal.

On the other hand, then, are the firms who employ the services of freelancers and crowdsource. Crowdsourcing is the process of employing certain services from a large group of people rather than your regular employees/suppliers. This practice has not always been in existence but seems to be thriving a lot presently. Notwithstanding, there are still controversies about it as some people feel it’s wrong and disadvantageous while another group think the opposite. And of course, you’d still find the group who have nothing against or for it. In my opinion, it’s not bad to try and find out if it works for you, then you can draw your conclusions on that. We all know that what works for Mr A doesn’t necessarily have to work for Mr B and vice versa. See also our article, Should I Practice Outsourcing?

That said, let’s look at the best way to handle a freelance team if eventually, you decide to. Crowdsourcing and freelance lifestyle, is providing you with some tips on that. Here we go:

Managing A Freelance Team: Get Organised

For me, and I guess a large number of people too, an organisation is everything. You can’t get far if your organisation is poor, both personally and in your firm. It’s imperative then that you put things together, have a clear plan and process of things and so on. It’ll help too if you put them in black and white. You find out that it’s easier to stick to written down plans than the ones left in our thoughts. Think about it really, the difference is usually clear. In essence, put yourself together, then your workplace including your employees, working strategies, goals and so on before you venture into crowdsourcing and freelance lifestyle. That way you’d even have a better idea and focus when hiring.


Hire Carefully

Everyone wants to hire someone who’d do a good job of course. To get that you need to be very careful and particular when hiring, don’t you think? Before hiring anyone do proper scrutiny. Look out for people who are trustworthy, competent, apt for job and you’d have fun with etc. Yeah right, people, you can have fun with, that is important as well. You can vet them through the sites, reviews etc. Just try to do a check on them to avoid bad stories in the long run.


Slow Down

You read right, slow down. Don’t be in a hurry to give them a rundown of everything that goes on in your firm especially if you plan on having them aboard for a while. If it’s a one-off job, then you can just go ahead and state what you want to be done and the timeline or whatever else is necessary. The point is you shouldn’t hastily place your organisation in the palm of a freelancer’s hands. Take time to know them and their mode of operation. Introduce them to your internal employees and encourage cooperation and the likes of that. This is specifically if the freelancers’ task is going to take a while or would be called on in subsequent times of need. I hope you get the message here.

Brief Them on Your Brand

This is a bit similar or related to the previous point. You need to make sure whoever you’re employing knows the basic things about your brand. This is necessary too as it’ll influence the kind of job they’d do for you have your brand in mind. Let them know the dos and don’ts, what level you operate on, provide them also with indispensable materials like your logo and all of that. I want to believe you get the whole point here.

Set Clear Expectations & Reasonable Deadlines

In all my doings and relations with people on whatever grounds I like to state clear working terms. It is very important and would save you a lot too, speaking from hindsight. Relating it to our context, ensure to specify definite expectations you have and attach reasonable deadlines too. It wouldn’t make sense to work on assumptions as it’s very easy to get disappointed. So state things very clearly but know your limits too so as not to confine the person’s creativity in a box. And like I already said, but reasonable deadlines, I repeat, reasonable. I expect you to know better anyway.


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Communicate Rightly/Effectively

As it’s most likely these freelancers wouldn’t be working in your office, you must communicate right. You have technology at your disposal, maximise its use, I urge you. Don’t just settle for texts and emails, have more effective communication like calls, video chats etc. The baseline is to ensure the best and maximum communication. While doing so try not to be a bug too, it will serve both parties.

Set Up A Tracking And Feedback System

You must have an idea of how your work is being done. Besides the communication scheme, you need to have means in place to keep the process and progress in check. For your good and theirs consider this.

Make them feel valued

We all know that the feeling of being valued spurs us to work well and better. Never let them feel like they’re just your pieces of machinery. Treat them nicely and respectfully as necessary. It’ll do you more good than harm, take my word for that.

That’s about all I have for you on managing a freelance team in this piece, Crowdsourcing and freelance lifestyle. You’re on your way to having a great team and a good level of productivity with these and better applied. And never forget, if you ever want to get interactive, the comment section is just a click away. Good luck.



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