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Thriving Bird Imageries In Business Branding

February 11, 2021by Nene Okeke0

If you want to build an admired business brand, this article: Thriving Bird Imageries In Business Branding, will help you gain a deeper insight into bird imageries in business branding.

Bird imageries have always been one of the most versatile art symbols to manipulate. Its history goes way back to ancient times and kingdoms and is still yielding good and productive results today. They give beautiful bases and inspiration working with them, as long as you know the right way to utilise them. It’s on that note that this article, Thriving Bird Imageries in Business Branding, came about. The aim is to enlighten you on the available and suitable birdy images for your business and how best to apply them.

Let’s get to that already.

There are a lot of logos in existence thriving on bird imageries. They didn’t just begin to exist and make waves, they got there after some factors were considered and put in place. Begin with inspiration, for instance. You find out that sometimes you’re inspired by certain pieces more than other items. You tend to feel a natural affinity and stronger pull to certain things than the others. That’s part of what we’re saying, though not all. Before you begin designing a logo, you need to sit down and think of the relationship to your brand too and the best-suited visuals.

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You might wonder, what’s it with the bird representations? A little tip would be then, it’s ancient. The ancient history of the artwork of bird pictures is part of the reasons for its popularity in the branding industry. If you notice some, if not most notable firms have their logos formed from old thriving artwork. These bird imageries for example have stayed through years. They even look quite the same through the time, however long. The oldest pictorial representation would be that which had:

Horizontal lines through wings set at a 90-degree angle

A triangular tail

The body viewed under/over the bird

With the change in times, it’s been modified and easier to depict, unlike the times you had to work with wood, rocks and the rest of them strenuous processes. Presently, you can really bend and manipulate the pictures in so many ways to your desire almost effortlessly. As long as it portrays the prototype and is recognizable by the audience any bit, you can let them figure out what it means.

I believe it’s been established that bird imageries are primordial. It’s also worthy of note that some were used more than the rest. Let’s have a look then at some of the most consistent and what they symbolised.

1.      The Eagle

Times have shown that the eagle has a powerful aura about it. Begin with the fact that it soars higher than its kind and is the only being that stares the sun straight in the eye. These characteristics have been translated to signify truth, strength, straightforwardness, confidence, pride among others. You can see it on clothing brands, airlines etc. You can already see the advantages when used in branding. It presents your firm to bear those qualities. You can trace these back to some of the ancient uses of this image like;

  • In cathedrals on lecterns and ledges in old European, Spanish and French times.
  • On the shoulder of god Vishnu of Hindu mythology.
  • On flags, currencies and badges across countries. And so many more.

It is represented to bear the aforementioned qualities and also to stand as a mediator per se between the gods and humans. If you notice too, the pictures are always similar. The eagle is always positioned frontally with very visible eyes looking directly at the sun or straight at the audience. The wings are half-open like it’s midway to take off or land. The feet too are always visible. These are the most distinct features and they all make the difference and send the message across. A lot of people go for this image and guess what, it wethers the time storm.


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2.      The Crane

This bird too is noble in personality and looks. A gallant bird, if you notice. It’s so much that they’ve even taken the attributes of gods. In ancient Egypt and China, it was believed to have descended from heaven and so possess abilities to infinity life and rebirth. It simply represented longevity. Due to their high flying nature and distance from the ground, it wasn’t difficult to deem them gods and aspire to their qualities in service. It’s utilised most times by transportation companies.

The distinguishing aspect of the image is the straight line coming from the back of, and parallel to the head, which is the head feathers. The long legs and a long body with the tail as a point. The imagery like the eagle is very famous and frequently used.

3.      The small bird

This comprises the bluebird, dove, hummingbird, blackbird and all others having similar archetypes. The pictorial representation is another very famous and effective one. They’re sprightly, noisy and relational. They also signify suppleness due to the arch of their backs when drawing. If you notice too, they’re usually represented in groups or pairs but never on solos most times.

Some designers make them up from circles even. You’d see them in healthcare and soft services like beauty and spa logos.

Just dwelling on these three famous images. A good thing about these images is that they’re age-old yet never wearing out. Some might say, why use ancient symbols in this century? Keep your head init, notwithstanding. The fact that it’s been there from time immemorial helps it to thrive and good enough, you could still modify it to your choice while still portraying the original model. My tip for you then is that while using bird imageries for branding;

  • Go for the popular archetypes
  • Use one rightly represents your brand
  • Modify the design but don’t lose the old concept


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Hope you have learn something new from this article: Thriving Bird Imageries In Business Branding. Now get on with your brand design from birdy images for unstoppable branding.




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